1920's Vintage Engagement - Bishop's Palace - Galveston, TX

Rae + Brian -

Los Angles residents, Rae and Brian, are having a 1920's black and white wedding at Chateau Cocomar in the spring of 2018, so they chose to keep the same vintage theme for their engagements. I love classic movies and history from the early 1900's so I'm always pumped when I get to do a themed session from this era.  We made a few stops in Galveston before getting to Bishop's Palace, where we spent the majority of our time. This place is amazing and I'm so glad I was able to rent the house for this session. Thank you to the Galveston Historical Foundation for all your hard work in restoring and preserving these majestic pieces of history. Thank you to Lauraleigh Vogel for her help in renting the Bishop's Palace. Looking forward to the amazing photos to come on the wedding day at Chateau Cocomar!

Main Street Houston Engagement - Coffee, Pizza & Holi Powder!

Ashlee & Trey’s engagement was colorful in every way from beginning to end! So much fun working with this couple. We started off at The Honeymoon Cafe for some coffee and then worked our way down Main Street. Towards sunset we took a break for some pizza, and later ended the night with an intense after dark holi powder fight!

Hermann Park Engagement - Holiday Vibes in Houston

Taylor & Chris came prepared to their engagement session with all kinds of props and ideas! It was awesome! I tell my clients it's fine if you don't have any ideas but those that do usually get alot more of what they really love.  So I encourage you to put the extra effort in and make your engagement session unique! Do your homework! :)  Turns out Taylor is soon to graduate as a registered nurse but Chris is an engineer by day/ superman by night. The asian superman! I like it!  The picnic scene was cute but it got really romantic when we pulled out the string lights! So dreamy and perfect for this December engagement session.

Downtown Houston & 1910 Courthouse Engagement

Alexandra + Ward

Wow, these two knocked it out of the park today! I'm smiling just looking at their smiles and energy!  Ward is a trial lawyer so we decided to start the session off at the historic 1910 courthouse. Following that we stopped at various spots near main street and the magic just continued. It was actually cold enough for a jacket today and the smell of fall was in the air. What better place to warm up than The Honeymoon Cafe. This place is definitely a favorite for most of my couples. Nicely done!  The jury is back and you guys are in love! 

Estes Park, Colorado Couples Session

Allie + John - Couples session at the Stanley Hotel and in RMNP. These guys are hilarious and we started off our session with a lock smith after they locked their keys in the car.  Shortly into the session John started feeling ill so I pull out some of my many protein and fruit bars to try to help. The altitude is no joke. They just moved to Denver from Chicago so maybe he is still adjusting. Well we definitely put them to the test when we drove up Trail Ridge Road but everything turned out great. 

RMNP Engagement- Trail Ridge Road- Estes Park, CO

Rhiannon + Callahan - Not only do both of these guys have the coolest names but also the coolest hair! Just wait to you see it! :0 We drove up the mountain together and had a good visit about life and wedding plans! So excited for this couple!