Missouri City, TX | Sienna Plantation | Anniversary Session

Catherine + Scott

“I am hers and she is mine. From this day until the end of my days.”

Catherine and Scott are an exceptional couple who really place high priority on photos and memories. I was impressed to learn about Scott’s mountain top proposal story. He had hired a photographer to meet them at the top of a peak at the ski resort in Steamboat Springs, CO. Not only was the photographer nowhere to be found, but after deciding to ski back down together, Scott had a bad fall on a spot of ice. Most of us would have probably stopped there but not Scott. He pushed through until finding the photographer and was able to propose. Days later it was reveled that Scott had actually broken off a small piece of bone in his shoulder and was starting to give him some pain. Wow, what a extreme proposal story! Since getting married the couple has taken anniversary photos every year and today was their actual three year anniversary. They live in Missouri City and chose to take their photos close by in their neighborhoods of Sienna Plantation. Who knew it was so beautiful and this neighborhood!? The first spot we stopped had trees that made me think of the Game of Thrones magical weirwood trees. No red leaves but Catherine had this amazing and timeless red flowy dress. No white walkers but we were met with an army of blood sucking mosquitos that chased us out of this enchanted groove of trees. The next location was just as magical and moody and these two look amazing. They even recreated a pose from their wedding day. “I am hers and she is mine. From this day until the end of my days.”

The Gallery Wedding Anniversary Session



Congrats to Sandra & Camilo on their one year wedding anniversary! We went back to The Gallery where they had their wedding reception last year. This wedding venue is one of the most unique in Houston and these two were on fire despite the 50 degree weather we endured. Golden hour was gorgeous today and the magic even continued after dark as we captured some dreamy night shots under the string lights!