Samuel Seth and I are Houston based wedding photographers and will be in Oregon for vacation in October. We couldn't pass up the chance to work in some of Oregon's most beautiful spots, so thats why we need you! Elisa Lopez, a friend and fellow wedding photographer from Killeen, TX, will also be joining us. We are excited about meeting and working with some fun and adventurous couples for our session giveaways on October 25, 26, 27, & 28.  We are looking for couples who can meet us at either Cannon Beach, Portland or spots along the Columbia River Gorge, such as Latourell Falls.  Depending on weather, sessions will take place later in the day, approximately 2pm to 6pm.  We will make final selections for couples this summer and give everyone adequate time to plan ahead.  In return for your participation you will receive 50 high resolution images via an online gallery where you will have access to downland, print, and share your images. Galleries will be available approximately 30 days after session date.  


Thursday October 25 - Cannon Beach/ Ecola State Park/ Hug Point State Park

Friday October 26 - Cannon Beach/ Ecola State Park/ Hug Point State Park

Saturday October 27 - Columbia River Gorge/ Latourell Falls/ Stone House

Sunday October 28 - Columbia River Gorge/ Latourell Falls/ Stone House


We are looking for couples who are willing to wear their bridal outfits or something dressy. A comfy casual outfit change may be acceptable as an alternate.  You won't be expected to get wet but there might be opportunity for shots on the beach where it will look better with shoes off or standing/walking in water. Now if you want to plan for a sexy, steamy shot in the water, that will be fine too! :) Oregon weather can be unpredictable so we can adjust depending on weather. It would be smart to bring layers or a jacket either way.

In the case of bad weather we will adjust and update the day before.   

Below I have provided some inspiration for the type of outfits we are looking for if you aren't wearing wedding attire.  

Darker, contrasty colors seem to work better. Solids are usually better also. 


All images shown below were sourced from the internet and taken by other photographers.

Here are some affordable options from Amazon. Click on each photo to view on Amazon.

More inspiration for women's outfits. 

Here are some ideas for men as well!

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Jason Smelser