Charity + JD - Galveston on The Strand Engagment

Charity & JD, what a unique couple! Charity and I go back several years, working as nurses in the operating room together. We had lots of laughs together and became friends over the last few years.  As her and JD's relationship grew Charity had already told me I would be her wedding photographer. So much to be excited about! A steampunk engagement in Galveston on The Strand and then a wedding in the beautiful and historic town of Natchitoches, LA.  Count me in!  The engagement session started at the Tremont House hotel and then we worked our way down The Strand. Wow, so much to work with here. I love all the grungy elements and frozen pieces of history. Take a look at the steampunk outfits Charity and JD have put together.  So detailed and ornate and perfect for photograping!  Nice job you two. Love the theme. This session just feels timeless.