Houston Vietnamese Tea Ceremony & Engagement

Kimberly + Micheal

Kimberly found me on the knot and to this day has the record for the most emails from any client. She is a physician assistant and is obviously very detailed. She did her research and homework before choosing a wedding photographer, that is for sure. I was excited to learn that she would not only need wedding day coverage but also photos of their Vietnamese tea ceremony. After some planning, Kimberly and Michael decided to have their engagement session follow the tea ceremony since they would already be dressed. It was a pleasure experiencing the tea ceremony with all of it’s unique culture and food. The family was amazing and were so welcoming! Before starting the engagement session I got my hands on some Vietnamese coffee! YUM! This stuff will get your motor running! Life is good. Coffee in my hand and the smell of fall in the air. I love fall by the way!! I’m an October baby. :)

For the session we started in Kimberly’s neighborhood, then made a stop at Boulevard Oaks. Next we hit downtown Houston for some epic views of the skyline. Soon it was dark but these two still had enough energy for a few night shots on main street. It was a long day but I enjoyed every minute of it. Oddly enough, Kimberly had warned me that they were “awkward in front of the camera and would be a challenge for me.” I thought they were pretty magical myself, but you can be the judge. Enjoy the photos!

Also check out their wedding day at Oak Tree Manor! Even more MAGICAL!