Tiny Boxwoods Classy Engagement

Jasmine + Devine : Classy lovebirds engagement at Houston's Tiny Boxwoods.

Sunday brunch with Jasmine and Devin at one of their favorite cozy spots in Houston, built right in the middle of a River Oaks nursery. Whether it's brunch in the garden or cookies, coffee, and wedding rings, Tiny Boxwoods will always please.  This lovely couple is having their dream wedding in Cancun Mexico so they wanted a photo with their passports. Diamond rings look good with anything, right! Throw in some cookies made to order, and a couple passports! Bam! I had so much fun working with Jamine and Devin and time really flew by. Devin was the perfect gentleman with a balance of manliness and class, while Jasmine was a doll, full of smiles and sparkle. A kiss, an embrace, and a dance in the garden.  It was a good day!