Tout Suite Cozy Cafe Engagement

Minhthy & Doug - Tout Suite engagement session.

Minhthy and Doug are well versed in Houston culture and popular local spots but Tout Suite won in the end. I first met Minhthy on The Knot and after communicating for a few weeks we found a perfect fall day to set the stage for a unique love story.  Every good love story needs coffee and a few gourmet macarons. Some of their favorites were Honey Lavender, Pistachio, and Creme Brulee.  Perfect colors and textures for the ring shot I had in mind. OK, I think it's my turn to try one of these macarons. I chose Nutella!  It.Was.Refreshing!  Like eating a cold buttercream cloud from heaven. I could feel euphoric flavors penetrating through the roof of my mouth and slowly seeeping into my parietal lobe. Ok, not quite, but you get the point. lol.  For our next spot we met at Sam Houston Park. The outfit colors and textures Minhthy and Doug chose were stylish and gave you a glimpse into their creative minds. These guys are in love and everything else around them just seems to fade in compare to the glow they have. Golden hour dropped by to say hello and kissed this couple with soft orange light.  Nice, so nice. Can't wait to be a part of your 2017 fall wedding!